Where I go from here

So my divorce will be final soon, beginning of October.  So what are my plans now?  Frankly… I don’t have a clue and probably won’t for a while. I am content with trying to fix myself and the issues that I have.  It has taken a lot of time and energy to deal with everything I am dealing with.  Want to know what that stuff is?  It is easy to figure out in my opinion, but if it is not I will spell it out for you.

  1. I’m unemployed/partially employed as a freelancer.  Mainly though, I’m unemployed.
  2. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and all the fun and joy that comes with it.  I’m currently in week 5 of CPT at the VA.  This shit sucks.
  3. I’ve divorcing my wife of 5 years and it is not by choice.  My lack of dealing with #2 above has taken its toll and she is talking away.
  4. Essentially, if it were not for my parents I would be homeless.  Thankfully, they’ve allowed me to live with them.

I’m sure there are things I am forgetting, but I won’t get into details at the moment.  Therefore whats written is written.

So I guess the next question is what is my plan?  My plan with this blog?  My life?  In general?

  1. This blog is a way to express myself and share things I otherwise would have a difficult time doing.  I do not have any specific topics in mind.  When I want to write, I am going to write.  Hopefully, you guys like to read it.  Either way, I am still going to write it.
  2. I am working hard to control my PTSD.  From my experience, it is not going away and it will always be there.  I just need to cope with things in the proper way.  This is a simple answer to a complicated problem.  But it’s my goal.
  3. I will get a job.  One that I can enjoy, one not in aviation.
  4. Buy a home, one with land so I do not have to see my neighbors.  Maybe I’ll build one.  Out of shipping containers, I suppose. Maybe I am looking into it because it gives me something to focus on, but the concept intrigues me.
  5. Maybe, one day in the future.  Just maybe I’ll be ready to renter the dating world.  But I am in no rush what so ever.


What else am I doing at the moment?

  1. Trying to be the greatest dad to my boys that I can be.
  2. Keeping myself busy working with Warrior Pointe.  Great Veteran organization.
  3. Yup. Yup. Yup.

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