What is Warrior Pointe?

From a photo series by Devin Mitchell


Warrior Pointe was created to be the rallying point for all veterans who have honorably served this great nation. Whether you served in peacetime, wartime, or are still serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard, you are welcome at Warrior Pointe. Every soldier, sailor, marine, and airman, each a hero in their own right, join our ranks to buttress one another and to help raise awareness of the issues we face as defenders of our nation. We are dedicated to maintaining the brotherhood we shared when we served.

Warrior Pointe is unique as our mission is simple and effective. In recreating the brotherhood we shared while in the service our members act as a safety net, not only for each other but also for those who are lost and searching for that missing connection with their brothers-in-arms, to ensure they do not fall and are not forgotten. This basic offer of friendship and camaraderie can end the veteran isolation that often leads to joblessness, homelessness, and even suicide.

While we are a countrywide veteran organization our focus has been, and will always be, helping the veterans who need us the most in the communities our members call home. Our local chapters provide a safe place to meet, connect, and assist fellow warriors. Their members direct the focus of our outreach events based on the specific needs of the veterans in their geographical locations. We know that each Region, State, and Chapter faces its own challenges, the fiercest fight to assist our warriors in one city is not always the same as the one being fought in another.

There are no membership fees to join Warrior Pointe. We believe that you, our brothers and sisters, paid your dues when you raised your right hand and swore to serve this nation. Our oath has no expiration date, our enlistment or commission may have ended, but our oath has not. We are the uncommon few that share the common bond of duty, honor, and country.

Image used was created as a part of a project by Devin Mitchell which is titled the Veteran Vision Project.  You can visit the project’s website here and their Facebook page here.

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