Model Train Stuff!


So I recently figured out that model trains are a great distraction for me.  They are also something my kids love and something I love doing with my kids!  We are building a 4×8 layout in my parent’s basement that will eventually follow us to our new house (when we get one) and be modified to fit a larger layout that we will design and build.  To increase the realism and hopefully teach my kids (and myself) to operate the layout I have created a back story for the J&K Railroad Company.

The J&K Railroad Company is a freelance railroad based in New England and ultimately covers the time periods of 1950 to the present but not specific time period was chosen.  With its headquarters in Johnstown, J&K primarily connects Johnstown and Kevinsburg serving industries in between. J&K also operates a variety of New Haven Line equipment through an operating agreement with its operators.

The Railroad operates two passenger trains between Kevinsburg and Johnstown.  The Liberty Limited operates from Johnstown to Kevinsburgh in the morning with a return trip in the evening.  It also operates a New Haven Line train, the Shoreliner Limited, from Kevinsburg to Johnstown in the morning with a return trip in the evening.  From time to time, based on the needs of the passenger route, additional round trip runs are added. Johnstown is also served by an Amtrak passenger train several times a month.

J&K services several industries in and around Kevinsburg and Johnstown.  Factories and a coal processing plant a serviced by the Johnstown Spur line, while town stores and businesses are served by a general loading platform on that north and south spurs in Kevinsburg.

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