The Sea Otter (II) Project

The Back Story – So, if you’ve paid attention to any other part of the website, you’ll know I have PTSD from loosing a friend in a plane crash while I was in the Navy. As a result of dealing with that thru the VA, I was offered assistance in finding a job (one that was thankfully very flexible with my circumstances) and that job ended up being at a boat yard in Westport, CT. All Seasons was/is a great place to work. But anyways, early in the year on 2017, a nice 17’ Mako came in as a trade and I convinced my boss to sell it to me.
I have an affinity for Otters so I named the boat Sea Otter and she was a great little vessel for the 3 years I owned her.

My first boat. The Sea Otter prior to launch in 2017.

I tried to do a little something to her each time I went out. But regardless of what I did, my kids loved her, I loved the freedom and it allowed us to do things I’d never even realized I loved. I love being on the water. My kids loved exploring the Norwalk Islands and then Wooster Island on the Housatonic. Our last summer with the Sea Otter, the boys got started with tubing and they had a blast. Near the end of the season (the awkward Covid boating season) our faithful 90hp Evinrude decided to cause some problems and strand me out on the river without a useful paddle.

In the process of finding the cause of the Sea Otters engine woes, I found a beautiful Mako in Cape Cod that met the wishes of my boys (a cuddly cabin) and myself (bigger boat) and the price was very right. So I bought it. Our faithful Sea Otter lives on and was purchased by gentleman who wants to fish.

What to name our new, bigger Mako? Well, Sea Otter served us well, so we (I) chose the Sea Otter II. The Sea Otter II is a 1980 Mako 238 Walkaround. I purchased it from a family in Cape Cod and made a trip up with the boys to pull her to her new home.

Sea Otter II just after purchase

So why is it a project? Well. The boat was built in 1980. It’s two years older then me and while it’s a solid vessel, she needs some work. Mostly cosmetic, some spider cracks, some updating. I just wanted a place to document the work!

This page, like the boat, is a work in progress. More to come. – PJ 10/5/20