My support system

So I’m sitting here in the waiting now area at the West Haven VA outpatient pharmacy waiting in my meds.  The waiting area is full and the rest are waiting in the adjacent hallway.  This follows my regular CPT appointment and after this, I still have to brave the ER downstairs to have my leg looked at again.  It’s starting to look pretty gross and is actually starting to hurt a little.  If I skip going, I might have a gaggle of Nurses I know kidnap me and take me to a doctor.  So what does all this unless information mean?  It means I have time to write and thanks to my CPT appointment earlier and other events from this morning, I have things I’d like to write about.

What does your support system look like?  Do you have one?  If you do not.  Reach out to me.  I’ll be your support system and I’ll even lend some of mine to you.  My support system, while constantly evolving on the otter rings, has remained constant at its core.  I know that these people how I treasure my support by I highly doubt they understand their true value to me.  They are priceless and irreplaceable.  Those who support me on the fringes of my support system, while I am always great full to them, will come and go.  Time, distance and lives do not always allow us to give ourselves to those who need it all of the time.  Either way, that is a fact I understand and I am eternally grateful to anyone who joins my small band of supporters, no matter how long they stay.

My core support system is a group of people who I know love me.  They care for me and for my best interests and the most important part is that they tell me what I need to here, not bullshit or any other manner of nonsense that won’t help.  They tell me these things even if they know I do not want to hear it if I do not agree with it.  They tell me how it needs to be said and they do it because they care.  That is why they are so valuable to me.  Most of my inner core are family, some have been my friend so long they are family.  These people matter and they matter more than I could ever repay any of them.  They are my life jacket, my security blanket, my reason for getting better on all fronts.

I honestly do not expect much from anyone to give me anything.  I do not expect them to support me.  Hell, some days I really wish they would leave me alone. But they do not.  They keep bugging me, for good reasons.  I try to give back what I can.  I know much of it seems like taking and not giving.  But I try.  One way I can repay them is by doing the same for others.  Making sure that I can help someone who needs it.  This blog, the one you’ve hopefully been reading, is a way for me to reach many other veterans.  Even though this blog is just over a month old, I already have a decent following.  I’m impressed really.  So thank you.

Now. Let’s see what your support system is.  Tell me about it below.

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