Back into the World

So it’s good to say that for the first time in over a year I have a job again.  I’ve had a few self-employed jobs in between but since I was fired from my job as an Avionics Tech at a local airport, but no real job.  Why did I get fired you ask?  Well, the highlight of the listed reasons was the fact that I talked to a customer.  One who happened to be Mark Messier.  The fact that they used this as a way to terminate me still makes me laugh.  Other reasons are open for debate, but that one is true.  I did talk to him while he got the oil changed on his plane.  The other reasons are bullshit.  What it boiled down to is that they did their jobs, every aspect of their “FAA regulated” business, but the seats of their pants.

I don’t work that way.  I never have and never will.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life and during my time in the Navy, most often though, it was when the manual didn’t cover what I was doing.  More importantly, I owned up to my mistakes and learned from them. They did what they wanted when they wanted.  I made the mistake of standing up to that practice and backing that up with the manual they were supposed to follow.  They tried to challenge me with a manual that happened to be a few years out of date. The next day they fired me.  Fun huh?  Getting fired for doing what’s right? 

So why am I talking about something that happened over a year ago?  The simple fact is that I’ve learned more about myself and why I acted the way I did.  This happened before I was aware I had PTSD or knew the reasons why I developed.  All this happened when I wasn’t exactly in the greatest mindset.  My adherence to the rules in that specific situation is a direct result of my PTSD.  How I reacted and responded to them is also a direct result of my PTSD.  My verbal response to the situation was inappropriate I’m sure.  But it’s partially irrelevant. Overall, I was fired for having PTSD because if you analyze every situation that they listed on my “termination letter” they all boiled down to a situation between real rules and their rules.  They way they did things and the correct and documented way to do things.  I know now that it isn’t right, but I cannot fault someone for doing something when they weren’t aware of everything, especially when I wasn’t even aware.

There is no way I’d ever work there again.  Where I work now, that’s a different story.  Two days in and I love it.  I haven’t worked this hard in a long time, definitely not since I left the Navy. It is a very small boat yard and I was actually helped to this job by a friend I made after I was assigned to him through the VA’s CWT (that’s Compensated Work Therapy for anyone who might not know.) In addition to all the resume work he did with me and the guidance he gave, he reached out to a former employer who was essentially his first job back after hitting rock bottom.  They guys I work with are great, I am just a person to them.  Not judged about anything.  I know that the Owner and Manager know my situation, not every detail, but the extreme basics. 

It humbles me, to a point, that they are willing to take a chance on me.  My interview wasn’t an interview.  They made the decision to hire me before even meeting me.  I showed up and they told me what jobs I’d be doing and that all they needed to figure out what day I would be starting.  I started yesterday and I’ve they’ve given me the faith they have in their seasoned employees.  I was driving around expensive boats about two hours after I started.  I am highly thankful for the job and the chance they are giving me to essentially get back on my feet. Oh, and if Mark Messier happens to have a boat worked on where I work, I’ll make sure I ask the owners permission before I say hello to him again.

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